Should You Invest in a Lawn Fertilization Program?

You can give your Pinehurst area yard the highest-quality seed, healthy soil, and the exact level of water it needs, and yet it may still struggle to grow grass on a consistent basis. It may not be your fault, though, because If your grass doesn’t have proper nutrition, it doesn’t stand a chance of reaching its full, verdant potential. But is it worth investing in a professional lawn fertilization program? Let’s find out!

What Does Lawn Fertilization Do?

Quality lawn fertilizer should do two things for your grass. Specifically, they should:hands holding fertilizer pellets

  • Add critical nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to the soil where they will be readily available for your grass consumption. 
  • Strengthen your grassroots so that they can maximize their nutrient uptake ability, withstand drought, and resist pests, disease, and fungi. 

Over time, it’s natural for the soil under your lawn to become nutrient deficient as most modern turfgrasses aren’t designed to add nutrients back to the ground. Therefore, the idea behind a good lawn fertilizer is to replace those nutrients to help your grass, as well as a host of other plants, grow strong across all four seasons.

Should I Get Professional Lawn Care For my Lawn Fertilization Needs?

Call us biased, but we certainly think that you should! Taking our own interests out of the equation though, there are a few very compelling reasons to hire a pro to apply your seasonal lawn fertilizer treatments. These include:

Access to the Best Products

A quick trip to any hardware or garden store in Pinehurst will show you just how many fertilizers are on the market. Worse still, each advertises itself as the best option for you and promises you the lawn of your dreams. Given this, it’s easy to see how option paralysis can set in. When you have a professional on your side, though, they’ll have access to products that you don’t, bypassing the marketing and confusion altogether and giving you exactly what you need. On top of that, a professional lawn care technician will have access to commercial-grade tools and other resources, which will allow them to work that much more efficiently and effectively. That leads us to…

Professionals are Properly Trainedbad of fertilizer pellets

It’s important to remember that most modern lawn fertilizers are chemical-based and can be quite dangerous if mishandled. It’s one of the reasons why we strongly recommend against a DIY approach for anything but the most basic of jobs. Additionally, applying fertilizer to your lawn is much more involved than just setting it and forgetting it. Too little, and it won’t get the job done, too much, and it can kickstart the growth of weeds and fungus. So when you have a trained professional with years of experience on your side, you’re removing all of the guesswork from the equation and leaving it in the hands of someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. 

DIY Lawn Care Is a Pain

Let’s be honest. Caring for your lawn on your own is a full-time job. From mowing to watering, aerating, seeding, and everything else that comes with it, you’re looking at hours of investment that you may not have to give. In hiring a professional to do the hard part for you, you can save yourself both the time and effort you would have otherwise put into your lawn and simply get back to enjoying it. And with a dependable and experienced provider right here in the Pinehurst area, why would you do anything else?

The benefits of getting a professional lawn care package for your yard are innumerable, and we’ve just begun to scratch the surface here. If you want to learn more, here’s a great place to start!

Get the Best Lawn Care in Pinehurst

When it comes to choosing a lawn care provider to give you the yard that you’ve always wanted, you can’t afford to roll the dice on a company you can’t count on. Here at O’Connor Landscaping, we’ve spent years building up a bevy of knowledge and industry-leading techniques, all based on our hands-on experience in the Pinehurst area. We offer a full comprehensive lawn maintenance package that contains the proper and appropriate fertilization your grass needs to thrive.

Check out our lawn maintenance package and other services and find out the difference that exceptional makes. Feel free to reach out to us online or give us a call now at 910-691-9227.

For more tips and ideas on all things lawn care and landscaping, check out our other blog articles.

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