Serving Pinehurst, North Carolina, and the Surrounding Communities

Serving  Pinehurst, North Carolina, and the Surrounding Communities

A quiet resort community and home to many military personnel, Pinehurst is located within an hour of Fort Bragg. It was ranked the number one best place to live in North Carolina in 2014 by SmartTravelTips and is still known today as a relaxed, safe, and tranquil neighborhood. It is considered so safe, there are no street lights.

At O’Connor Landscapes, we are members of this great community and are dedicated to maintaining our delightful image and timeless heritage. We understand how hard and time-consuming it can be to maintain that perfect lawn. That’s why we offer superior and professional lawn care services of all kinds ranging from building and installing fire pits to pruning and trimming your trees and shrubs.

Common Lawn Diseases in Pinehurst, North Carolina

We are familiar with our local climate, types of grass privy to this area, and the different diseases, weeds, and lawn problems that plague our community. A few of the most common lawn diseases and issues facing our residential turfs include:

  • Dollar spot
  • Spring dead spot
  • Yellow patch
  • Rust
  • Anthracnose
  • Fairy ring
  • Plythium
  • Gray leaf spot
  • Damping-off
  • And one of the most prevalent, brown patch

Why is Brown Patch Such a Problem?

Why is Brown Patch Such a Problem?

Brown patch is one of the most common late spring and early summer lawn diseases in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It appears as large circular and irregular patches of dead grass. As it spreads, the infected grass may wither and die, allowing weeds to quickly take over. The biggest problem with brown patch is that it grows and spreads rapidly.

O’Connor Landscapes Can Help!

Choosing a healthy lawn care program that contains proper fertilization and weed control applied in the right amounts and at the right time of the year will help ensure that your grass is healthy and strong. At O’Connor Landscapes, we can help ward off diseases of the lawn and create the yard of your dreams. We design, install, and maintain landscapes. Our full comprehensive lawn maintenance package includes all the ingredients needed to maintain a vibrant, healthy lawn.

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