Why Irrigation Systems Beat The Garden Hose Every Time

There are many benefits of having a professionally installed lawn irrigation system, from less maintenance to more precise watering.  Discover the many perks that come with swapping the garden hose for a better way to water! As the old adage goes: work smarter, not harder.

Benefits Of A Lawn Irrigation System

No More Guesswork

The forecast predicted rain, but it only sprinkled. Your grass got some water, but you’re not sure if it was enough. You stand in your yard, debating if you should break out the garden hose or wait. Does this sound familiar? With a lawn irrigation system, there’s no need to wonder. The technology is so advanced that it comes with sensors to determine when and how much to water your turfgrass. Your system will automatically detect if there was rain, so you don’t have to worry about over or underwatering your grass.

You Don’t Handle The Maintenancetech working on a sprinkler

Part of your irrigation installation includes check-ups every spring and fall to inspect for things that need to be repaired and get your system prepped for the season.

At O’Connor Landscaping, our multi-point maintenance inspection includes:

Shutting off the system at the end of the season
Turning off the water pressure
Zone blowout
Backflow prevention
Timer turnoff

You can rest assured your irrigation system will be ready to roll in spring. No one is going to do the same for that old garden hose you’ve been using. And speaking of garden hoses:

The Garden Hose Just Can’t Compare

You’ll never have to snake the house over, under, or through things to complete your watering again. You’ll never have to fiddle with the water pressure valve to get your sprinkler attachment to the correct height. With a professional irrigation system, you can simply set a timer, and the system will take care of everything itself.

You Won’t Forget To Watersprinkler with garden hose

Modern sprinkler systems are installed with a timer, so you don’t have to set a personal reminder for yourself.

Keep Your Residential Or Commercial Property Looking Great

Whether you’re looking to improve your residential property or commercial property that you manage, an irrigation system adds convenience. With everything that goes into keeping up home or property, why not cross “watering” off your to-do list?

You Can Add On To An Existing System

If your system is older, it may not have the rain sensor technology that has become common in the industry. This doesn’t mean you need to replace your existing system completely.

You’ll Save Water

When you use a garden hose and sprinkler attachment, you’re likely going to waste some water. Showering the sidewalk and driveway to some degree is unavoidable. With an irrigation system, the sprayers are positioned strategically, so no water is directed at concrete or patios. Using smart sensors, the system will automatically detect and determine how much water to use and how long to water for. You really can’t be that performance with a regular garden hose!

Get Professional Lawn Irrigation Installation – Call O’Connor Landscaping

At O’Connor Landscaping, we know how time-consuming watering with a garden hose can be. Let’s work together to give your lawn the hydration it needs! Our professional irrigation system installation and maintenance program can get your lawn looking like a postcard in no time. Plus, our lawn care services will keep giving the grass the rest of the TLC it needs, from fertilizer to weed control. Give us a call today at (910) 691-9227 or contact us online here.

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