7 Backyard Landscaping Ideas For 2021

Garden landscaping is more than caring for the lawn. Why not turn your backyard into a staycation paradise? Check out these popular options for taking your yard from “drab” to “dreamscape.”

Customized Landscaping Ideas

1. Decorative Trees And Shrubs

Flowering trees and shrubs make an excellent addition to any garden. They can serve as a focal point or accent, and unlike traditional species, they don’t grow to towering heights or require the same amount of maintenance.

2. Flower Bedslandscape steps and flower beds

When you hire a custom landscaping service, your technicians will help you design flower beds with various colors, textures, and blooming windows. That way, you’ll enjoy flowers all season long. If your yard doesn’t allow for large-scale flower beds, you can still use blossoms to create borders, as you would with bricks or stones.

3. Decorative Stones

There are many types of decorative stones available, from volcanic pumice stones to smoothly ground river rocks to statement boulders. Many homeowners choose decorative stones to create pathways through the yard or even realistic-looking dry streams or creekbeds, as you would find in a traditional Japanese garden. If you wish, you could use decorative stones instead of mulch to give your flower peds a more modern look. Stones are also great at blocking the light from reaching weeds that may be lurking beneath the surface.

4. Hardscaping Designs

“Hardscaping” refers to things like driveways, pathways, and other large immovable features in your custom landscaping. At O’Connor Landscaping, we offer hardscaping services to both design and install a variety of popular features, including:

Organic patios
Outdoor kitchens
Outdoor firepits
Retaining walls

Hardscaping features allow you to get the most out of your space and really enjoy it to the fullest, whether that’s by creating a place to cook, gather, or escape from the sun.

5. Fountains And Water Gardensbackyard water feature

The gentle sound of water tumbling in a fountain or into a pond might be the most tranquil ambiance a garden can achieve. If you’ve always dreamed of having one in your yard, your landscaping professional can help you realize your dreams and scale them to your yard. Like fountains, ponds come in all shapes and sizes, as do the plants that can inhabit them. Some plants require to be potted in soil and then fully submerged in water. Others can obtain all their nutrients from floating in the water. Keeping a variety in your water garden will add visual variety and create a robust, diverse eco-system.

Another popular water installation is a pondless water feature. Essentially, this is a re-circulating mini-waterfall that requires no pond. These require less maintenance than traditional ponds and don’t require digging in the yard since there is no pond basin to install.

6. Fences

Fences aren’t just for creating a boundary for your property. Decorative fencing can define spaces or create some space between properties that may be nestled close together. Corner fencing acts as a way to punctuate a space without closing it off entirely. Half fences are ideal for protecting garden beds or guide the eye. At O’Connor Landscaping, we can even design and install plant screens. These living fences are an excellent way to add greenery and define your space!

7. Walkways

Like other garden features, walkways and paths don’t have to be entirely functional. Stepping stones or other smaller paths can be visually pleasing, even if they won’t see human traffic. The eye follows them through the garden, which can give a small space more depth.

Benefits Of Professional Custom Landscaping


When considering how to design your garden beds, your technician can advise you on balancing your garden so that there’s always something in bloom.


Some landscaping features require more diligence than others. Hiring professionals means you don’t have to lift a finger. You can sit back and enjoy your yard, knowing it’s in good hands.

Increased Curb Appeal

A well-landscaped yard can improve your curb appeal, and therefore your property value by as much as 12.7%!

Less Work For You

Designing, building, and maintaining landscaping is no small feat. When you hire a professional landscaping company, you can sit back and enjoy the perks without wearing yourself out. You give us a general idea of what you’d like to see; we’ll handle the logistics.

Pride In Your Yard

The concept of “home” is different for everyone, but no one wants to look out their window and see disheveled bushes, thinning grass, and tired flowers. Professionally designed landscaping will create a feast for the eyes and help you feel more at home.

Get Custom Landscaping Design And Installation from O’Connor Landscaping

From custom designs to installation, O’Connor Landscaping experts provide professional landscaping services for commercial and residential customers. Get planning started on your dream yard today! Call (910) 691-9227 or contact us online here.

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